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Wanted: Warm Weather

Man, it is never going to get warmer again, is it? It's now May and it's pretty chilly outside. I did not approve of this. -_-

Got all my Infinity figs put together. It's a great game, and it's nice to find a new game to get into. For $120 I managed to get all the figs I wanted and will ever need. $120 compared to Warhammer barely gets you a starting force!

And finally, a link to 100 random things you probably didn't know. http://www.slightlywarped.com/thoughtvomit/100_crazy_facts.htm

New Rule

Each day shall be 36 hours long. Then we can all work 8 hour days, get plenty of sleep, and have tons of time to work on projects.


Not much is up with me. Late nights working on Demonworld, but I'll be excited to see the figs when they're done. I just hope to share some concept art soon. Otherwise things are going smoothly!

Found a mouse today that I managed to catch in a cup with a plastic bag and then released in the woods near my house. I know it's silly, but in my mind I had already given him a name and a back story. ;) Oh well. Fair thee well, Sherbert! Explorer of Mouselantis!

Working on this project I have watched:
6 WWE documentaries
The entirety of Star Trek: TNG
Half of Star Trek
All the Star Trek Movies
Ghost in the Darkness
The first season of Once Upon A Time
A dozen random documentaries
Last Tsar of Russia
The Jackal
Ghostbusters 1 and 2
Every Marvel movie in existence, including Daredevil.
Game of Thrones seasons 1-4.

I have also watched a lot of those on repeat, so there's that.

What's up with you?

Apr. 15th, 2014

So...that just happened. #Vaguepost

Today went very well, and now a gut punch from a source that is both expected and unexpected has derailed that.

I hope this individual finds out some day that I do care about them, I do take their thoughts into consideration, and I do want them to be happy. I want them to realize that they can be happy and that if they change their life, and believe me these changes are more then needed, then they can be so much happier and life so much easier.

Until then, I need to turn my phone off for a while and avoid email. It's OK though, I have plenty of work that must be done after my computer crashed earlier. Some exciting things are coming. Be prepared for the awesomeness.

You guys reading this? Thank you. You are my colleagues who I am honored to work next to, my friends who I am grateful to share a drink or two with, and my fans who cheer me on as I try to make cool things for you to enjoy.

Hanging in there

I"m exhausted, but so far managing to do alright. How are you people doing?

Things I Learned Rescuing A Lost Dog.

So for those of you who follow me on Facebook and Twitter saw all the posts I made about Cecil, the puggle that was abandoned in my neighborhood. I say abandoned because he's not very fast and he did not come from our neighborhood, so the only way he got there was if someone dropped him off. Poor little fella. UNBELIEVABLY cute!

But the whole situation opened my eyes to some interesting quirks about me.

1. If there is a suffering animal on my doorstep I absolutely do not have the heart to turn it away.
2. If I cannot find that animal a home I feel like I've failed absolutely at life.
3. I am easily won over by animals and their cuteness.
4. I do happen to know a lot about shelters and the pet adoption process.
5. I will apparently spend money I don't have on animals I don't own.
6. Dreams of animals I couldn't save do haunt me.
7. If not for my willpower I'd probably have tons of animals, which wouldn't be healthy either.

Overly long winter

Man, I am so looking forward to spring IF AND WHEN it gets here. :P

Realization upon turning 30

I find I give less shits about people I don't like, and I'm becoming more vocal about it. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

I'm also finding I'm becoming more vocal when I disagree with people's Facebook posts, especially when I see people who make posts and just agree all the time. Anyone else have that problem?

Dreams: Star Trek and Gargoyles

It is perhaps very interesting that the two main things in my dream overlapped at some point while they were on.

The dream started with me working on the Enterprize D alongside Dr. Crusher. She was working on a cure for this strange blood disease and was using bizarre machinery to suspend the blood cells in zero gravity. As we are working on it we get teleported aboard an alien starship where this manta ray/Gargoyle creature (from Disney's Gargoyles) demands we help him in his research. He's wearing a strange sort of Egyptian outfit alongside his clothing. We try to resist him but he shoots these stingers out of his fingers into our brains which forces us to work for him.

Nothing else happened, but the visuals were AMAZING!

Long day was long. And very sad. But I will recover.

As an aside, I miss all the people that used to post on LJ. I'm not saying that because I crave comments, but I miss seeing people post about things longer then what you'd see on a FB message.

Dreams: Spike demon

Last night's dream was interesting, in both concept and the choices that I made in the dream.

In the dream, I was living in an area that was highly reminicent of the hotel that my brother's wedding was held at. The hotel had the look of stacked oval rooms, and there were plenty of people living there. As the dream progressed, there was some sort of school being taught there and college students were rushing about to get to class.

The world seemed like it had been dominated by demons, and there were several factions vying to take control of the world. These factions weren't the "All of the land will be a hellish landscape of death and ruin" but more of a "We rule, we are in charge, but go about your merry way" type.

As I'm going about I help this woman who was being attacked by a bunch of thugs. She had strange spikes that came out of her flesh but still needed my help in escaping them. Upon rescue she took me into a nicer part of the hotel where she revealed that the position of Overseer had opened up amongst humans, and it was mine if I wanted it. It would mean betraying mankind, but I would gain benefits and powers.

For some reason, I leaped at the chance and betrayed humanity. In some weird ritual I had to hug her from behind and let her spikes pierce my elbows, ribs, and heart, which killed me but the powers of her demonic spirit resurrected me as one of her kind. My physical body changed only slightly, with hard metallic plates forming on my sternum, pelvis, elbows and knees. The drawback? the slightest human touch caused knife like spikes to pierce through my skin in the direction of the contact.

The dream brought to mine my issues with physical contact. Sometimes I do wish I had the ability to project spikes.

So You Want To Work With Your Dream Company

This rant was inspired by watching someone's comments on a Facebook page. Long story short, it involved wanting to work on a project with the license of a popular gaming company and in this case, it was the Storyteller System from White Wolf/Onyx Path. The fan's comments turned rude, and inspired much negativity in the thread. I actually felt pretty sorry for her, but not in the way you think.

I don't want to sound condescending but, I've been there. I've made those mistakes. I've wanted to work with something so bad that I came off rude to people. I'm not going to lie, it's happened.

I think we've all got our dream project in the back of our heads when we read our favorite game. I don't know a single Storyteller or GM out there who hasn't come up with some iteration, variation, or alteration to a gaming system. I once listened to a friend of mine go on about his superhero universe that incorporates both the Marvel and DC universe in one setting. A friend of mine got me really excited about his Dungeons and Dragons setting that it inspired the Seven Valleys game I came up with.

In some ways I started wondering if this person really wanted to work for Onyx Path got the best of them and that it was somehow personal. That a company not willing to license out their work was the same as giving them the big middle finger. If you love something and invest yourself in it, it can become personal when things don't go your way. I felt that way with my first rejection from White Wolf studios.

In retrospect I wasn't ready. I had some good ideas but they weren't polished enough and one of them was already being developed for another game line. (They didn't steal it, I just noticed it when I picked up Hunter and saw a Tier that was similar to an idea I had submitted a few months before it released.) I needed time to grow as a writer, and by the third time I submitted I managed to get in. That's right, I had a second round of rejection from one of my favorite gaming companies. You can imagine my self esteem after that happened. But I was angry, and a little pissed off. I didn't know how the gaming industry worked back then, so it would have been easy to let that rage fester inside of me. But I moved on, and tried again.

There's no shame in failing. Sometimes things don't work out, and sometimes things don't work out for impossible reasons that aren't your fault. But don't let that keep you from trying! Don't feel like the best idea you have has to be on the shelf forever. Maybe take the idea you have for the next great campaign setting for Dungeons and Dragons and make it into your own world. Take that signature character of Dapper Dan the Medicine Man and make him the star of your own novels. Don't let good ideas be locked away just because you don't have access to the game of your dreams.

As for working with the people you want too, keep in mind that how you interact with people online is often making the first memories they're going to have of you when you ask them for work down the line. I'm not saying you have to suck up to people on social media and pretend to be their bestest friend they've ever friended, but keep in mind that people remember negative comments. First impressions are important.

Think of it like dating. If you constantly appear combative and rude online, they will probably not want you on their team. If you seem chill and interesting, they may be interested to pursue things further. You've got to show that you're someone they can get along with before they send you large word counts of their precious source material. After all, they're entrusting you with part of their vision and that's a pretty big responsibility.

TL;DR: Be groovy to people, keep making groovy stuff, and the universe will be groovy to you.

P.S. Check out Third Eye Game's latest Kickstarter for AMP!